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the tools and behaviors that will allow and propel them to step up their game, to believe in themselves, to run for the highest offices, to lead big, medium, and small companies, to lead by example the generations to come.

That also means:

More money

More love

More time

for you, ladies!

Crossing the line between victim and victory

There is a fine line between victim and victory, just a couple of letters, and you choose.

- Sascha Gorokhoff



Mrs. Gemma Serenity Gorokhoff is victorious over 15 years of domestic violence, beaten, put down, and raped. She went through the whole healing and transformational leadership journey to now be able to lead other women on this same path of recovery and of finding one's true purpose in life.

Mr. Sascha Gorokhoff is victorious over a disability that should have left him in a wheelchair, mentally challenged, and dead by the age of 7, as well as over the domestic violence he suffered from his very own mother who spent her life destroying Sascha's life. But he used this situation to learn all that he could about mental illness and figured out how she functioned. He believes she suffered from borderline narcissistic personality disorder on top of being hypochondriac. She committed suicide to get back at him in 2013. 

Since then, Gemma & Sascha never left each other. After long months, they fell in love and got married. They now run together Gemma & Sascha Online Academy to give forward when they have learned in their life experience.

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