Find Your Groove, Rise, and Shine

* LGBTQ+ welcome


How long have you been waiting for the right time to start your inner healing and transformation journey?


Where would you have been in your life if you would have been committed to your own healing and well-being 5 years ago?


How many more years are you going to waste by declining to invest in yourself today?


Does it feel like you are ready to give up on yourself?


How much more emotional, physical, financial, and sexual abuse are you willing to take?


How much time, energy, money, and relationships not having decided to heal your invisible wounds has cost you so far?


How many people's lives would you have already positively impacted, would you have decided to take on your inner journey 5 years ago, already?


How many more missed opportunities are you going to accumulate until you reach your point of no return?


What will your children and/or grandchildren say about you?


When enough is going to be ENOUGH?

We offer weekly group mentoring webinars so that more women can run the world in their communities.

Every Saturday at 9 AM Los Angeles Time

we host your weekly mentoring webinar with Gemma & Sascha

We talk about finding your groove, rising, and shining.

We talk about roadblocks, setbacks, and how to overcome them.

We help unsatisfied women dare to take the first step out and then manage the new, the different, the scary, the unknown.

It is a beautiful journey. Trust us and walk this transformational journey with us as your mentors, and your guides.

We did it before you, in more ways than you can think of, and we know the keys of overcoming challenges, of finding your very own groove, of rising, and shining your unique bold light to the world.

The truth is that the world is craving to meet the real and unique YOU so that they can finally relate to someone real, someone they can aspire to become, someone who inspires them to become the best version of themselves.

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one time

if you want to get access to the webinar every once in a while

Get access to our weekly group mentoring with no strings attached. You grab your ticket, your pen and paper and you enjoy the ride to the pinnacle of your personal development.

US$ 150

1-time use

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monthly subscription

automatically renews every month until you cancel

Get on-going access to our weekly group mentoring webinars. Embark on a journey of self-discovery through the lenses of Gemma and Sascha who have been there before you and are now mentoring your on the path of self-healing and transformation to become the best version of yourself.

US$ 500 per month

instead of US$ 600

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yearly subscription

automatically renews until you  cancel

Get year-long on-going access to our weekly group mentoring webinars to find your groove, rise, and shine. You will never settle for less. We can always lead you further, and you will benefit from 50+ years of combined experience, overcoming the most seemingly impossible obstacles, and still coming out successful and victorious on the other side.

US$ 5,000 per year

instead of US$ 7,800

Is $150 too much for your wallet right now?

Let's do something about it...

How about $15 per month to get personal development on-demand online courses, from renowned experts all around the world in diverse languages including French, Spanish, and Italian, and at least sub-titled in English if not recorded directly in English.


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This is not the teachings of Gemma & Sascha, but it is a collection of personal and business development online courses that cover subjects like Personal Development, Financial Education, Health & Wellness, Business & Entrepreneurship, Family & Relationships, and Spirituality (for now). It keeps on growing and expanding every week! 

We teach women and those who identify as women

the tools and behaviors that allow and propel them

  • to step up their game,

  • to believe in themselves,

  • to run for offices,

  • to lead companies, and

  • to lead by example the generations to come.

We help women have more fun in life by being all that they can be, by developing their incredible talents to have it all and be heroes and experts in their fields, because women are at the source of a better and happier society.

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We help unsatisfied 30+ year old women find their groove, rise, and shine.

Crossing the line between victim and victory

There is a fine line between victim and victory,

just a couple of letters, you choose.

- Sascha Gorokhoff



Mrs. Gemma Serenity Gorokhoff is victorious over 15 years of domestic violence, beaten, put down, and raped. She went through the whole healing and transformational leadership journey to now be able to lead other women on this same path of recovery and of finding one's true purpose in life.

Mr. Sascha Gorokhoff is victorious over a disability that should have left him in a wheelchair, mentally challenged, and dead by the age of 7, as well as over the domestic violence he suffered from his very own mother who spent her life destroying Sascha's life. But he used this situation to learn all that he could about mental illness and figured out how she functioned. He believes she suffered from borderline narcissistic personality disorder on top of being hypochondriac. She committed suicide to get back at him in 2013. 

Since then, Gemma & Sascha never left each other. After long months, they fell in love and got married. They now run together Gemma & Sascha to give forward their life experience.

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