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Zoom sessions with either Gemma or Sascha or both of them together, depending on your specific situation and your budget.


Gemma is an award-winning transformation leadership specialist featured on CBS 2 and on various podcasts.

She has experienced complete healing and transformation from 15 years of domestic violence and is now leading women to step into the energy of success, to embrace their true nature, and to lead the world by example.

She is an expert in Success Mindset, Reiki Energy Healing,  and Online marketing.

She followed an  IMD Business School executive education, ranked #1 by Financial Times in open education for the 9th year in a row (2012-2020), about Leadership, an MIT executive education about Negotiation, and the Inner MBA program co-hosted by New York University Mindfulness, Sounds True, and LinkedIn Mindfulness 2.0.

Gemma Serenity authored the Kindle Amazon book "Dream, Dare, Do. From Domestic Violence to the Mission to Help and Inspire Millions of Individuals to Step into the Energy of Success"



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Sascha is an expert in mentoring. He is the mentor to the mentors, to the high-achievers, and those who want to reach those levels.

Sascha overcame more life challenges than a lot of us could even imagine. He was born in 1978 severely disabled with the worst form of Spina-Bifida (Myelomeningocele) with an excess of fluid in his head (a Hydrocephalus), and with the Arnold-Chiari II syndrome which means that the basis of his skull is lower than usual and stops his brain from computer advanced math problems.

To put it simply, according to the medical community who understands these terms, he should have never walked, been paralyzed from the waist down, mentally challenged, and been dead before the age of 7 (!).

Moreover, he was the son of a mother believed to suffer from Borderline Personality Disorder coupled with Narcissism and she was also hypochondriac. His father died from a heart attack when Sascha was only 16 years old. These are only some of the challenges he overcame, there is more.

Sascha authored a book: "From Victim To Victory, A Leadership Journey, Level 1 Core Principles" available everywhere books are sold.

To crown it all, Sascha holds 2 Bachelors and 1 Certificate from Webster University, and 1 Master's degree from Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, in addition to 2 executive education certificates from IMD Business school ranked #1 by Financial Times in open education for the 9th year in a row (2012-2020)

Beyond getting his academic education, Sascha is an avid reader, going through an average of 40 full books a year since his teenage years beside staying up to date with the world affairs. He has fully read well over 500 books so far about subjects as vast and diverse as politics, finance, biography, science, psychology, neuroscience, quantum physics, technology, history, geography, geo-politics, and more.

Sascha fluently speaks English, French, German, and Swiss-German, and has very strong communication skills.

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