What do we mean by "cornered by life"?

In our tagline, we keep on talking about women "cornered by life", what we mean by that is not always victorious over domestic violence (as Gemma is),

  • it can be because of a childhood trauma

  • it can be because of life decisions that backfired

  • or because of a cultural background

  • it can be a loss of personal identity

  • or brought down from generation to generation

  • it can be because of limiting beliefs

  • or because of an accident that completely cornered women and forced them to drastically change the way they lived up until the accident

  • or something totally different that feels like you're cornered and you have to overcome something that seems impossible at first sight

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We help women reduce the pain of the opportunity cost to the minimum to get the most money, life, and time and to go above and beyond what they every thought possible.


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Multicultural Women

Why women?

Why do we focus on women?

We give back to women their own voice to build them up

because we fundamentally believe that now is the time of women and we should empower all these women, all these young women and these girls,


because when we empower them, they will be able to break the chains of the past and empower their children and their children from generations to generations.

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