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There is a fine line between victim and victory,

just a couple of letters. You choose.

- Sascha Gorokhoff

Crossing the line between victim and victory

We help WOMEN

who have been



Our clients are women, and

some good men too, who found themselves cornered by life, who are ready and determined to transform their lives to have more money, love, and time, and therefore create more freedom, purpose, fulfillment, and independence through transformative learning.

​Our ideal clients are women

  • between the age of 30 to 75 years old

  • who found themselves being knocked down and cornered by life,

  • whether it be because they just escaped domestic violence or life has cornered them and knocked them down for another reason,

  • who are ready and determined to transform their lives to have more money, love, and time, and therefore create more freedom, purpose, fulfillment, and independence

  • who desire to thrive and go above and beyond what they ever thought possible

  • both on the side of their personal lives and on the side of their business lives

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Message  for people currently

living in domestic violence

We cannot help you while you are living in domestic violence. However, here are some references for you to find the help you need right now urgently to get out of where you are.



California State:

If you are thinking about suicide, know that YOUR LIFE MATTERS more than you may think! Here is the hotline where you can speak to someone today: 1-800-273-8255

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Transformative Learning

There are 3 dimensions of transformative learning: psychological, convictional, and behavioral

As seen on TV

As heard on Mario Porecca Podcast

The Conversation Guy

Ep. 787 Dream Dare Do

Ep. 788 the energy of success

Dream, Dare, Do.
The Energy of Success

ep. 790 maximizing our unique advantages

ep. 791 you are in charge of your own reality

As appeared as guest speaker on the

Simplify Your Life Summit by Justin Croskery

As interviewed by Dawn Friedland

Living your purpose and making a great income doing it

Dawn interviewed us as successful entrepreneurs having beaten the odds and transforming so many people's lives.

It was such a joy to share this special moment with her!

You can check her out at

As interviewed by Dr. Wayne Press

Sascha was interviewed by Dr. Wayne Press, a chiropractor, who was very curious to understand how did Sascha beat the odds when looking at his x-ray with his Spina Bifida Myelo Meningocele that should have left him in a wheelchair, mentally challenged, and dead by the age of 7.

Gemma and Sascha are published authors

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Our clients are unanimous: they experience deep breakthroughs and they transcend even the strongest of their resistances to go above and beyond what they ever thought possible. 

Reach out to discover what that means FOR YOU.

Online Lead Generation

How are you doing with generating leads online, on social media?

If you are struggling or wasting your time, reach out to us. We have free and paid trainings for you.


We can speak about a variety of subjects from overcoming obstacles to online marketing, passing by any of the specific subjects you want to address with your audience.

You can be our client if:

  • You want more from life

  • You are in transition, ready to get the most out of your life

  • You are a seasoned successful entrepreneur and are hitting your head against the ceiling

  • You are a domestic violence / domestic abuse / mobbing at work survivor and now that you are safe after your transition, you want to thrive and stop attracting that kind of person

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Ken B.

Gemma & Sascha are INSTRUMENTAL in my manifestation.


If you're wondering if you should work with them, I'm telling you, they are the only ones in their category: gifted by the Universe and with so much knowledge and wisdom of how the universal laws work.


You'll never regret it!

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