Online Lead Generation

For many years, we have rejected any and all lead generation specialists who reached out to help us build our business online.

Our main objection was that our clients don't have the same age, gender, location, or level of seniority in their company. So, there was no way an automated software could spit out real leads of value to us on a daily basis because we did not know what to feed the software.

So, we declined every time.

This was until we switched our answer and exposed our real objection to someone whom we did approach to join our business.

Our surprise has been in the quality and the versatility of the teachings of the online education platform we now rely on to understand what to post on social media to attract the right person - like YOU - to reach out to us and fulfill YOUR need/desire.

Now, so happy to have found this solution, we share it with entrepreneurs who want to unlock the secret to getting leads and customers through their social media strategy instead of just posting mindlessly, hoping for a better future or worse, not posting at all and not taking care of their public profile.

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