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#9 Dare


G=Gemma; S=Sascha

G: Hello guys, how are you today?

S: Hi, good morning.

G: We are very happy to be with you, and we are going to talk today about “dare”. Yesterday, we talked about “dream”, today we talk about “dare” and tomorrow we’re going to talk about “do”. You’re going to recognize the title of my book “Dream, Dare, Do”. It is still in this series of “How You Too Can Win An Award” because you can absolutely, 100%, we believe in you about that.

S: Absolutely

G: So “dare”. Where are you at in your life, right now? What change are you thinking about doing, but you have not done yet? How are you feeling about where you are at right now? Are you thinking that you should do something, but you don’t know how, or you don’t know when, or you are waiting for the right time? How are you feeling? I’m asking those questions to you, because I felt exactly that way for a very long time, for fifteen years of domestic abuse. I was thinking of leaving, but I did not dare. I did not know how to do it, so I can totally relate to you if you feel in that position. You can be in a position slightly different, wanting to change something else. Maybe you are not in domestic violence, maybe you are just stuck in your job, and you want to change, but you don’t know how, and when, and where to go, everything.

“Dare” The moment you realize that any instant you choose to change something, everything around you is going to change with you, for you. This is when you’re going to dare to do something different. Is it scary? Oh yes, it is! But you know what? It’s worth it! Dare to take the first step out of your situation, and then, discover and manage what you are going to experience, because it’s going to be something different than what you have lived before.

S: You know there is often this question that is asked that is “what if I fail?”. What if you replace that question by “what if I succeed?” and even if it doesn’t work on the first try or on many tries, ask the question “what have I learned?” There is no shame in failing. Because you know, we all stumble, we all fall, we all sit down occasionally because we need rest. But failure is not bad. Failure is to not get up again and not try again. So, remove yourself from this stigma of failing, because there is no such thing as failing, there is just learning. So, if you stumble, if you fall, what you do is you ask yourself what has worked and what hasn’t worked that led to that situation, that led to that “way that didn’t work”, and you take what worked and you improve on it, and you change everything that hasn’t worked, and you try again.

You know, we are often so afraid of failing that we don’t even try. So, imagine you want to leave your house to go to the corner of the street. You’re already not at the corner of the street, so, you already don’t have what you want, and you know that feeling, so it’s not going to be worse if in the first couple of attempts you don’t succeed, you know already what it is like to not having it. So, daring is really giving yourself permission to aim for a better life, to improve your life, to climb, you know.

No matter what people say or point fingers to you or tell you you’re a failure or whatever. People always like to judge and criticize instead of encouraging each other. It’s so much easier to stay where they are and then point fingers at those who try, to those who are giving their best, to those who are dedicated and committed to excellence. But be your own fan, be you own shield. Encourage yourself, surround yourself with the people who encourage you. It’s really time, when you start daring, to change your circle if it’s not positive and not uplifting.

So, dare to make those changes, and dare to leave your front door so-to-speak, and go to the street corner, meaning to your goal. And remember, ask the question “what if you succeed?” “what if you make it?” Isn’t that amazing? And, if you must take different roads, because you might encounter a traffic jam or construction on your way to your goal, well, then you just take a different road, and you learn. But if you can transform “failings” into learning opportunities, then failing is no longer a curse, but it can become a blessing, if you take this way to improve upon the rest of your journey towards your goal.

And remember, with every step you take you want to walk in love, because you dared! With all these people who only talk about it or complain, you took the step out and you learned how to manage it, and to go towards your goal. And it doesn’t matter how much time it’s going to take you to get to dare, because you’re moving! That is worthy of applause, and we applaud you for moving and for daring. It takes some guts to dare. But once you get moving, you’ll see that it’s easier than you thought it would be. It may hurt, like when we fall, we may hurt, but when we learn from it, you can get up, and avoid that it happens a second time.

Daring is like growth. Look out at nature: everything grows, it never stops growing. You are nature too; you never stop growing. So, you have gear yourself toward growth, because growth is life. Fear doesn’t even lead you to anywhere. It can stop you. So, dare to grow towards life, and grow in your life, and learn along the way, because we all do. And know that you’ll make it, to your goal, to your street corner, if you’re willing to learn, and improve, and ask the right questions to the right people, and get mentoring from the right people who’ve done it, who have overcome and are victorious over what would seem impossible, and then you put all the chances on your side, because you want to walk with the right team, you don’t want to walk lonely and alone. You want to make sure that you have the right people around you, who actually help you and accelerate your path, because they can already point out the pitfalls, and the accidents, and the traffic jams along your route, to your goal.

So, surround yourself with the right team, with the right people, take a step out, and start moving, start walking because it’s so rewarding. And again, get rid of the word failure or failing in your vocabulary, and start to ask yourself “what if I succeed?” “what if I win?” “what if I learn?” Well, then it’s a blessing.

G: Yes, and when you dare to implement the change that you are thinking of, this is when you are putting really, not only the work to succeed, but also you’re getting an award, because who gets an award? Someone who dares to do the do, someone who dares to implement the change, someone who dares to stand out.

S: And you know, I have not met one award winner, not seen one award winner who hasn’t failed multiple times, maybe often too many times to count, but they always got back up, and that is what success is. Failing is only when you stay down, and you declare that it’s over. When you learn and you get up again, that’s not failing, that’s success, that’s smart, that’s talent. And eventually, well, they got an award, they were recognized by their peers. But it took a lot of failing, a lot of learning, a lot of sitting down, a lot of thinking, a lot of improving, and a lot of asking the questions “what if I succeed in the end?” “what if I learn from all of this?” and “what if every time I learn, I improve myself, I have greater chances of success?” and that’s exactly what happened in the end: They had the success.

G: So, this was “dare” in “How You Too Can Win An Award”, and we hope that you have understood how you can win an award by daring greatly and do something amazing.

S: And if you want more information, you can always reach out to us on our website on our pages, and we’ll be happy to talk to you one on one, and see how we can help you improve your life and help you go above and beyond what you ever thought possible for yourself, and create victories for yourself.

G: Exactly. We look forward to talking with you again!

S: We wish you a very loving, and loved, and blessed day.

G: Yes, thank you, bye bye.

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