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#7 Attention to details

Transcript of the video

(S: stands for Sascha and G: stands for Gemma)

G: In the series “How You Too Can Win An Award” today’s subject is “Attention to detail”

The first thing I’m going to tell you is that mea culpa. We have put so much attention to detail that we have spent a whole lot of time perfecting our camera, our light, the surroundings, so that when we do this specific subject, actually, we walk our talk.

So, today, “Attention to detail” “How You Too Can Win An Award”

One of the things that came to mind is after you have mastered the big rules of the game whatever it is, then, you move to the details. Because when you know what you do, for example, I don’t know, take anything. Basketball for example. We can all agree the goal is to put the basketball in the basket and to avoid the other team to put the basketball in the basket, and to win. But that’s not all; there is all the rest behind that. There is the countless of details that make all the difference in the game.

For example, who behaves in what way, so that you know how to behave with that person to counteract his or her acts. And for everyone, it’s different, because we are all different, and we all have different approaches to the same goal.

Attention to details goes even further. How are you going to move your feet in order to put your basketball in the basket? How are you going to move your fingers so that the basketball rebounds properly in your hands and achieve the goal to go into the basket? There is plenty of details that come into play that when you just watch it from the exterior, you don’t even realize the number of details there is.

And, so yes. This is one of the things that I wanted to share with you.

I’m going to let Sascha say something too.

S: Attention to details starts really as an internal job. You first have to know what it is you want. Because if you don’t know what you want, you don’t know what attention you need to give to whatever it is. So, the second thing is about feeling yourself out. Understanding your own feelings and guidance, and acting upon that with attention, detail, love, and care. So, we often don’t listen to our own feelings, but if we would, we would realize that it tells us a lot of things. It tells us that we may have to distance ourselves from some people because they are not good for us in our life. It doesn’t say anything per se about the people, it just means they are not good for us, and that just what it is. It may mean that we need a change of environment, that we need to make changes in our diet, in order for us to show up as our best selves, and so that we can have the attention there where it is, the focus where it should be on our craft, on the details, because attention to details is also an act of love. An act of love toward yourself, an act of love toward others, to show up as the best that you can with what you have in the present moment.

It doesn’t mean that it’s perfect in absolute terms. There is no perfection in absolute terms. It just means that you show up as the best, with the best that you have right now, in that present moment in your life. There is always something that you can perfect, whether it is inside of you, outside of you, the way you portray yourself, the way you show up, the way you care and love for yourself and for others. And really, go the extra mile. That is what attention to details is. But it’s an inside out job. If you are not detailed about yourself, how you feel, what do you want, what do you desire, it’s very hard to be detailed toward the outside, because it’s not genuine.

So, become clear about what it is you want first, apply yourself, show up, be dedicated and committed to excellence, and go the extra mile by seeing all the details that you improve on, with what you have in this very present moment, right now, because that’s all that matters.

G: To continue, I would like to take another example. You may know or may not know, I have been a trained violinist for about 20 years, I don’t know exactly how long, but a long long time. And when I was really at the top of my game, I remember I was preparing for the professional entry at the conservatoire in Lausanne

S: this is in Switzerland

G: yes in Switzerland. And, I remember one thing. When you play music. I mean the music, we all know it, it sounds amazing, and you can just dream with it, it just catches your emotions, it really explains a lot of other languages that no words can even catch. When I was training myself, and really finding what I could do with my fingers and all the details of how to put my fingers at the right place, I had to change my teacher during the last year, just really to prepare for the professional entry at the conservatoire. And do you know what he asked me to do for the 2 last weeks before the exam? He told me “You do not play these same pieces that you know by heart anymore, however, you take the tuner that sounds, that gives you the exact note, not something that you think, really each note, and you listen to the vibration of it. And you play each note with your fingers on the violin slowly until it sounds exactly like on the tuner. I was really surprised by the assignment, and I did it. And I can tell you that this detail of tuning up my fingers on the violin did a whole difference on the result. The piece, I still knew it by heart, of course. But with that attention to detail, it really brought it to the next level. And I was really amazed by the performance that I gave for this exam.

S: So, often we get overwhelmed by everything that we need to improve according to our own minds, and our own devil of perfection inside of us, who always tells us it’s not good enough or that we can do more. Start with one thing and improve upon that. Be detailed about that, be attentive about that, then move on to the next thing. You can’t do it all at the same time. Be kind with yourself, be loving with yourself, and start with just one thing. And when you have the feeling that you have perfected that, to the extent that you can, with who you are, with what you have right now, move on to the next thing. Because all these little things combined, they will make a big difference. And that’s really what I would like to leave you with is “Be kind, be loving toward yourself also in that journey to improving whatever needs to be improved within yourself to shine outside on whatever detail you need to improve on within yourself so that it can show in the outside world.

G: That’s awesome. So, that is wrapping up our session of today, and we look forward to talking to you again tomorrow. Have an amazing day and thank you for watching.

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