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#13 Clarity


(G=Gemma; S=Sascha)

G: Good morning guys, how are you today?

S: Good morning

G: We are very happy to join you today and to talk about clarity in “How You Too Can Win An Award” series.

Clarity is … you want to say something.

(both smile at each other)

S: It’s important for you to be clear. You know, so many people I’ve met start things and they don’t know why. They choose a career and they don’t know why. They make decisions and they don’t know why. So making a decision is important and we talked about this in an earlier video already, but if you don’t know why you’re making that choice, well that’s a recipe for disaster.

So, there, I use an exercise that served me and so many other clients as well. The exercise is actually the word “why”. Let’s assume you want something, start asking yourself the question “why?” and keep on asking the question “why?” every time you come up with an answer until there is no more answer. When you will have boiled it down until you what you really want, and what really the why is, is very high.

So, “I want that car” – “why?” – “because I like the brand” – “why do you like the brand?” – “because it stands for x y and z” – “why is that important for you?” – and you keep on asking all these questions “why?”. “Why do I want this career?” and when the next answer comes up “Why?” “Why?” “Why?” until you cannot answer the question “why?” anymore, because you have your answer. And that’s really important because most often we want something or we think we want something, but not for the right reasons. So if we become clear about the why, of why we actually get up in the morning, and why we do what we do, and what is the reason behind it that drives us, and that’s important for us, then we will actually that actually, that can be fulfilled in many different ways.

And so, become really clear about this, and really pause. It doesn’t matter if you have been engaged in a company for 20 years already or something else. Take a moment, take 2 hours of your time, maybe this weekend and ask yourself the question “Why?”. “Why have I chosen this career?” – “Why have I made those decisions?” What is behind the why? And when you find that out, write those words down, because those are your values, those are the driving forces behind you, that actually motivates you every day to get up, and to do what you’re doing, and to live the life you’re living. And that can also help you get out of the rot, get out of the misery, out of the sadness, all these negative emotions that we have stepped into by not having really examined our why, and just have continued on your path, on your journey.

And so, once you know the why, you can make the right choices for you to get and to live the life you want, and to get what it is you want.

What would you like to add?

G: I would like to take you on the question: “How is it that you want to go somewhere, but actually you don’t know where you want to go?” so when you lack clarity. What’s going on for you at that time? It’s like you go to the airport, and you say “I want to take a plane!” – Ok, great! Where do you want to go? – I don’t know!? Maybe Yemen, or maybe Dubai, or maybe Stuttgart! I don’t know, somewhere.

S: And there, the question is “why do you want to go there?”

G: Exactly. And then, you think clarity, first of all, to define where you want to go, but indeed, what do you want to experience at that destination? What is it that you truly want? Why?

And, when you get this clarity, this is when you can really plan out your trip, plan out your roadmap, plan out what you want, all the baby-steps you’re going to take in order to get there to experience it.

S: You know what I have found, so often people tell you that it’s not about the money, it’s about the experience, but if you want to experience having a lot of money, that’s fine! So, in that case, it is also about money. And ask yourself really why do you want to experience that.

Maybe you want freedom, maybe you want something else. But, I really believe that the experience can be about money, and very often it is not about money, and money is just a means to get what we want to experience. Now, keep in mind, the universe, when you are clear about what it is you want to experience, will find the way to bring it to you, and that may not involve what you think it involves: money. It may come to you in endless different ways. So, it is actually a limited belief to think that for you in order to experience x y or z, you need money.

Well then, as you start by saying “I need”, you come from a place of lack instead of a place of having. And you want to make sure that when you make choices, you’re clear, but you’re clear from a place of having. You’re aligned with it. You’re aligned with what it is your why is. And then you can make the right choices and direction. And keep an open mind, and that’s really what I want to point out to you: Be open-minded. Because it may come to you in many different ways that do not involve a cent of money.

Most people have been trained to think that whatever we want requires money. Let the universe amaze you. Let the universe fascinate you. Become clear about your fundamental why, because you cannot also trick the universe. The universe always knows. So, if you fundamentally know your why, and then make a choice, and you’re clear about it, and you remove yourself from a place of lack, and see what’s going to happen.

And we will be happy to hear from you, that you reach out and see how this exercise works for you, and keep in mind that in our mentoring sessions, we go way more in-depth, we give you many more pieces, tools, tricks, for you to make it work, and for you to attract what you want, to be all that you can be, to help you go above and beyond what you ever thought possible.

G: Absolutely. So, when you get clear about your destination, about the experience you want to experience. When you become completely clear about all of that with as many details as you can, then you can apply all the other principles of focus, and persistence, and everything that we have already talked about

S: and all the other we teach you privately

G: exactly. So, comment below, what you are so clear you are achieving right now, we would love to hear from you, and all the people of the community would love to see where you are going, and where you are heading right now. That would be absolutely awesome.

S: And remember when you join our community, this is a supportive community, in our private mentoring sessions, we would never use any blame, shame, or guilt, because that leads to nowhere, and we do constructive building with you. So, please do share, reach out, reach out on our website, get in touch, let us know how we can best support you and always keep in mind that you’re valued, you are important, you matter, and that we love you. And many people on this planet do love you.

G: absolutely. We wish you to live an amazing day, and talk to you very soon.

S: bye

G: bye

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