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Here are our values, what we stand for

When I (Gemma is writing right now) met Sascha, at the time I was leaving 15 years of domestic violence, he asked me what my values were and how I wanted to live my life.

I was unable to answer this question clearly, as I didn't have any value (at least this is what I thought) and I kept on borrowing other people's values to look smarter.

This is when he gave a call to one of his professors at Webster University who specialized in that domain and asked him to spend one or two hours with me to figure out what my values were, deep inside. We drove over there and I had the honor and the chance to meet a mature gentleman who asked me lots of questions, going from why to why, going deeper and deeper, until we discovered that at the core of my values, there is Love, Respect, Trust, and Reliability. Sascha wholeheartedly agreed with me, that we should live according to these values, as these were a part of his values as well. I remember that in his values, there is also dream, peace, harmony, safety, comfort, quality, care to the details, and more.

7 years later, we were asking ourselves what values we shall live by when running our company, Gemma & Sascha, and as our logo is made with 8 leaves in the compass directions, we thought about North, East, South, and West, and we tuned in to find the right words that would start by one of the directions' letter (N, E, S, W) and would be completely aligned with who we are and how we run our business.

After a long brainstorming session driving up and down the scenic Pacific Coast Highway, we settled on Neat, Efficient, Steadfast, and Worthy. Do these adjectives need explanation? Maybe, just to be sure we are on the same wave length.


Everything has to be clean, top-notch, with the care to details, from our copies, to our emails, to our website, to the way we portray ourselves inside and outside, and we keep on asking each other all the time, how we can get better and better, how we can improve on what we already are.

Efficient What does efficacy mean? Quickly and successfully done. What's better than quickly and successfully done? Done in an optimal, respectful, loving and creative way, also in the shortest time possible without squeezing too much of the good things to make it faster. This is what we thrive for: efficiency. Steadfast Steadfast, with the same idea as consistency, persistence, constancy, regularity, dependability. When we act in a steadfast way, we keep on showing up in a way that allows our audience to go deeper in their bond with us. Worthy One of the things I struggled the most with during all these years of domestic violence, and beyond. This is probably one of the trickiest value to live by when you are used to be a victim of life, of circumstances, of conditions, of certain people, of certain substances, or of domestic or work violence/abuse. When you make the shift and start to feel worthy, you allow the best to happen in your life, you allow wonderful exceptional things to happen, and as a consequence, you're able to kick out of your life the unworthiness syndrome (the infamous "I'm not good enough" self-talk that destroys from within so many women and men, so many girls and boys.) This is why we made worthiness one of our core 8 values because this shift is one of the major shifts anyone can do for one's success: Being worthy of receiving an award, being worthy to be picked up for a role as an actor, being worthy to do business with, being worthy of an amazingly loving and respectful significant other = accepting success when it knocks at the door of your life.

Enough said about us.

WHAT are your VALUES and WHY?

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