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#3 Dedication

Today, we are going to continue our series about “What it takes to win an award”

So, another word with which Michael came up the other day was “dedication” which is right on as well.

Being determined and disciplined is essential. Being dedicated is even more crucial, because when you have a mission, when you have a goal, when you know why you do something, in your mind, in your heart, you are dedicated to do things, to do the right things, the inspired action. That means that in your mind’s eye, you imagine constantly how it is when you have already achieved your mission. When you take my mission, which is “help and inspire millions – there is a lot of people here – of individuals to step into the energy of success”.

You know, I wanted to tell you. In February 2018 – it’s about 2 years ago – I was attuned to the Reiki energy healing, and this is when, after that, everything shifted in my whole understanding of the world. This is when I started to receive the content of my mission. 2 years before, I had a vision, where I wanted to be, and how I wanted to help and inspire people. In 2018, I really got the mission. And when that happened, that came into my heart and started to stem, and started to blossom and to make me start my online business. And Sascha joined me online when he saw that I became dedicated, when he saw that I really took that job at heart. I call that a job, but it’s just an activity, not because “just over broke” no-no. Really, it’s very essential.

Dedicated is what is going to bring you to the point of being recognized. Dedicated is when you keep your focus, and you keep your thoughts on the same subject repeatedly. That means that it becomes your identity. That means that when you loose track for a couple of hours, you come back to your identity because you are dedicated. And as you are dedicated, this is when you change things; this is when you transform what it is.

Yes, today’s subject is really dedication, because dedication brings you results. Dedication transforms your life. Yes, “our thoughts need to become consistent” indeed. So, consistency, dedication, discipline, determination, all of that with my mantra “Dream, Dare, Do” that is also the title of my book that you can get on Amazon on Kindle, that is key.

The result of that, the consecration is when you receive an award. But the award is a confirmation that you are being seen and heard. The real result is when you see people step into the energy of success because of your work, because of the inspiration, because of you ignited in them their inner drive. That is the real big reward. Before that, of course, there are these recognition, when everyone can say Oh My God, yes, you did something very good for a lot of people, that’s very good, so continue that way, keep it up.

So, today I really want to tell you: Yes, you can win an award. It’s totally doable. It requires dedication, discipline, determination, and dream where you want to be, dare to do the do, and do it, but do only the inspired actions. This is essential as well. It’s not about doing for the sake of doing. It’s about doing the inspired action, because you know exactly where you are going, because you know exactly what you want to accomplish, because you know what you are dedicated to.

So, this is the advice of the day, this is the value that I want to bring to you, and I hope it helps, I hope it inspires you.

I wish to congratulate you, because you are already on your journey, and you are already accomplishing a whole lot. Being recognized comes from the others, but the most important is what comes from you to the others.

All right, I wish you to live a happy. I speak the words of blessings, love and peace over you and your loved one, and we speak again very soon.


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