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#1: Determination

Transcript of the video:

There is one word that describes who I am, that defines my attitude, and it is DETERMINATION.

I am so determined to succeed, to get what I want, to obtain the success I’m dreaming of, to get where I want to go. With this determination factor, I can often get what I want in seconds or minutes when it is a small and easy thing. When this determination kicks in, I can see everything, even the smallest thing and find a creative way to get it.

Determination is really what defines what I am about in my character, and my attitude. It is the determination to win, the determination to continue, the determination to keep on going, the determination to learn a new language. Remember that a 6 years ago, I did not speak English!

Ok, I did learn basic English at school, but when you speak the French from Switzerland, I guarantee you, you do not voluntarily learn the English that allows you to travel and make it in another part of the world, particularly not in the United States of America.

I visited Santa Cruz in California, in April 2014, to participate to the High-Performance Leadership Executive Education Program by IMD led by Dr. Prof. George Kohlrieser (IMD is ranked #1 by the Financial Times for Open Education for the 8th year in a row 2012-2019). During this program that gathered executives from all the continents of the world, I remember being able to understand all the different accents of people who did learn English for their work, even the thickest and hardest to understand. However, there was one accent that I just couldn’t wrap my ear around and understand, and it was the Californian accent! This was my ear, as I was not used to it, so I couldn’t detach one word from another to understand what they were talking about. I remember having answered to the Californian with my very first broken English at that time something like “I have no idea what you just said”. They said it again in a more articulate and slower way, and I got it.

You know, for the first 3 months when we moved to California for good at the end of October 2014 from Switzerland, I was often telling my husband “I hope you understand what they say, because I have no idea, and you’ll have to fill me in!” I was just saying yes and no with my head, hoping to answer the right nodding of the head at the right time, not daring to say a word because I was so unsure of myself. After about 3 months, I started to dare to speak a little bit.

The character trait I used the most when we moved over here was my determination to blend in this new culture, this new country. There were so many differences between what I knew from Switzerland and what I was discovering here in California. It was a cultural shock. Coming from Europe, coming from this very small country and even smaller region where I am from, and coming to this huge California, not talking about the USA as a whole country, it was huge. Of course, I loved everything about it, but the adaptation I had to go through requested a huge determination and desire to blend in and to belong.

This is what, 7 years later, made me win an award for entrepreneurship. What has been validated and recognized with this award was the fact that I left 15 years of domestic violence and moved across the globe to build a new life without speaking the language well enough to be by myself if I had to.

I draw your attention to the fact that this determination factor has also not served me in the past. How do you stay 15 years in the abuse, in the violence, in the screams, being beaten, put down, and even raped at one point? You need a huge determination! And I was already very much determined at that time, but it was not serving my highest good.

One day, I was so exhausted emotionally that I decided to jump from the 10th floor of our apartment’s building to end my life at that moment in time, so that I could be relieved from this emotional pain.

Thank God, there was a spiritual voice who told me to leave by the door. It was so scary! And at the same time, I was experiencing this desperation, fear and shame, the pain of being harassed and put down all the time stopped instantly. There was nobody to harass me anymore. So, within the next days and weeks after the day I escaped domestic violence instead of committing suicide, I started to observe around me the people, and to meet new people, and to be taken care of. I joined specific groups to help me cope with all of that.

During that time, I met Sascha who mentored me, who helped me break free from my own shame, break free from my victim patterns, and later we fell in love. We started our relationship as mentor and client, and later we fell in love and got married.

The determination factor is what kept me in domestic violence for so long, and what got me out of it. It is what built me, from the ground up, and what pushed me forward to create a new life, in a new country, with a new language, and a new culture. It is a huge step. It is not nothing, it is not basic, this is big!

When I received this phone call telling me “We are the Los Angeles Lakers and we want to honor you and give you the Woman of Entrepreneurship Award” I was thinking to myself “Wow! Is that for real?” and very quickly I realized that Yes, I deserve it! Yes, I have this winner attitude! Yes, I am a woman entrepreneur! Yes, I have this determination! So, I thanked her and answered: “Yes, absolutely, I’ll be there!”

The experience was epic and wonderful. I had never lived that before in a 20,000 seats arena, being recognized and honored for everybody to see! Believe me, even if I don’t know yet how, it’s not going to be the last time! Because I say Yes to that kind of experience! And I wish all of you to experience it, to have this same determination to go where you want to be, to have this inner fire to make it happen.

A word of caution here: Nothing is possible if you forget all the non-physical beings that are all around us all the time and who make it possible, who pave you the path, so that you can walk, who show you the way and inspire you, who give you this intuition so that you can find the right thing and do the right thing to do, always at the right time. There are many good loving spirits around us, and you have to get acquainted with them if you want to get the most out of your life and succeed at every level.

I also want to recognize a special person. It’s Sascha, my husband and business partner, who is by my side all the time, who supports me, who empowers me, who uplifts me, who congratulates me all the time! Can you imagine that? Maybe 100 times a day “I love you”, “You are the best”, “You are a genius”, and other words of encouragement and compliments like these ones.

It’s so amazing to live in this love and harmony now, especially when I know how it is, when it’s not that way.

Yes, determination got me where I am today, and will get me on my path later as well, because as you can imagine, I have my head full of dreams that are going to happen.

I recognize 100% Sascha who is by my side all the time, all the non-physical beings, all the angels, God. You have plenty of names for plenty of people in spirit who are here around and who infuse in us this love-light-peace constantly, and this determination to be who we are, to get what we have, to go where we go.

Determination is key, but it’s not all.

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