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#2 Discipline

Yesterday, in one of the comments, Michael Osada said that winning an award is about determination, discipline and dedication. So, today, we are going to talk about discipline.

How discipline played a key role into this nomination and winning this award?

When you are disciplined, you think constantly about your end goal, consistency, doing the do’s, every day, continuously. It’s a never-ending story, because, you know that it’s not in one day that you’ll be higher. You need a lot of days to make it happen. So, discipline is the subject of the day.

How do you incorporate discipline in your life, when you have your focus that keeps on going here and there, and you keep on being distracted? Well, there are two main things: First, there is your inner drive, your why, the reason why you are getting up every morning. This is your inner trigger. And, by using your inner trigger, you know why and what you do. Now, it doesn’t stop you from being distracted.

So, how to become undistractable? Yes, you have your why; yes, you have your inner drive; but still, Facebook came with the notifications, you hear the notification of a text message that reminds you it can be important, and other notifications that appear, just to remind you that there are other things that you can do, yes.

Discipline is when you say: “Ok, hold on! You put on the side your phone, you shut down your computer, and now you think straight. What do you have to do here and now?” Ok, you have to create a piece of content for I don’t know what. Ok, you write it down by hand to make sure you have no distraction, and you put yourself in an environment that allows other people to know physically around you, that they are not going to distract you now.”

So, it is one thing to create your discipline. Not only, you commit toward yourself to do what you want to do, but also you tell others when you want to do something else than taking care of their needs right now. When that is done, you have your piece of content in your hands, now you come back to your computer and, again, you pull out only the software you need to write it down, not all the other windows and tabs, nothing else. No social media when you do that.

Ok, and now you can write down you piece of content, or write to your email list, or create a blog post, or anything else that you are going to do right now. So, you do your thing, and you transform your life with the discipline that is key and crucial in getting an award.

By the way, when you apply discipline in your life, you don’t do that to win an award. You do that for your inner drive, for your reason. And, after following your dream, after doing what you have to do, this is when you have the award that comes as a reward, as a congratulation, as an encouragement to continue and to keep it up. It does not stop with an award. It just shows that you are determined, disciplined, committed, dedicated, and you do the dos.

What you can see here is that discipline is one of the many qualities that you need to cultivate in order to win an award one day. Another thing that I’m just thinking of right now is that it’s people who are nominating you, it’s not you who are nominating yourself, it’s people. When you build a great relationship with people, then, they nominate you when they have this opportunity.

See? This is how it works!

All right, so, today I did a short video. I’m going to continue tomorrow, but yes. How can you win an award? Stay disciplined, track your progress, do the do’s, and avoid distraction as much as you can.

Have an amazing day! Talk to you tomorrow.

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