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(G=Gemma; S=Sascha)

G: Good morning! How are you today?

Today we are going to talk about “Do” which is the third word of “Dream, Dare, Do” that you can find in the title of my book, that you can also find on Amazon.

And, what about “do”? Dream, Dare, Do.

When you think about “do”, it’s all about after you have started to implement the change that you have dreamed of for so long, how do you keep at it. How do you stay true to yourself and you really keep on implementing the changes that you have chosen, especially at the third week after you have started to do the change. This is the hardest part, and it’s normal because of all the neural connections that we have in our brain, and the habits that we are forming. So, why it is “Dream, Dare, Do”? Because that “do” part is not the easiest part either. It is a little bit easier than the “dare” part, but then you have to really keep at implementing the changes.

S: Well, my formula for doing is: Take the word “DO” and it’s actually 4 times. It’s DO, DO, DO, DO. Not only is that motivating when you tell yourself that, but it actually stands for:

1. You have to know the Desired Outcome, knowing the end goal, why you’re doing it, where you are going.

2. You have to be fully Dedicated to the next Objective, so just the immediate next thing that you’ll have to be doing, because you have to cut it down in bite size portion, otherwise you’ll never get to the destination.

3. You have to go about it with Decisive Optimism, because you cannot be negative, you will never be going anywhere if you moan, if you’re negative, if you complain

4. And only when you do that, you will have the Destination that is Outstanding.

It’s about knowing your outcome, be dedicated to the objective, go about with decisive optimism, and have the destination be outstanding. And if you can do that and pick yourself up every time you fall, and you’re down, you learn, let’s get up again, as we said yesterday in our LIVE video and let’s get moving, eventually you’ll get there.

That’s my formula for success, that my formula how I achieved everything that was thrown in

my way, and that I’ve gone above and beyond what the medical community told me I could not do. I was supposed to be dead by the age of 7, mentally challenged and in a wheelchair. None of this has happened because of that 4-word DO formula that I have: Did I know the Desired Outcome, Dedicated to the Objective, go about it with Decisive Optimism, and therefore your Destination will be Outstanding.

G: That’s an amazing one! Congratulations! How to word it, how to give it to someone else. Actually, it’s always true, 100%. Indeed, when you know your desired outcome, you know your dream. When you know your decisive optimism, you dare. When you go to your destination, you do. Isn’t that wonderful?

S: You know, like that, when you apply that formula, you actually know why you are doing it. Because if you have too narrow focus and you just focus on the objective, you forget about the outcome, and then you get discouraged because you don’t know where you are going anymore. If you only get focused on the big picture, you are going to be overwhelmed because you don’t know where to start, you don’t know which objective to take, how to break it down. If you are not motivated, if you do not come with decisive optimism, then you shoot yourself in your own feet. Because then you hold yourself back, you tight yourself down, you put chains around yourself, and therefore your destination can never be outstanding.

So, in order to put everything on your side for your success, you have to use this 4-step formula that I just used and it’s 4 times DO, DO, DO, DO, and remind yourself of that.

G: I love that. That’s amazing!

S: We all can achieve outstanding things if we just do that. You know, most people aimlessly don’t know where they are going, they’re discouraging themselves, they don’t think they can ever get through the objective, there is so much to do, why them. That leads to nothing. Just use this, make a choice, we will talk about choice in another video, choice of where you want to go, break it down into objectives, be optimistic about it, and see your destination to be outstanding, and if you were to fail, as we told in our last video, there is no failing, just think about it this way, like we said it in our last video: “What if you succeed?” and “What if you learn?” Then, if you get back up and you learn, there is never failure, because failure is staying down, it’s not sitting down, it’s not stumbling, it’s not falling, it’s staying down. And just confidently work and walk toward your destination, and know it’s going to be outstanding.

G: I think I’m so fortunate to be with this man here! My Gosh! Thank you so much! I’m so grateful!

Okay, so today, that closes our “Do” in “How You Too Can Win An Award”. You implement those steps, guaranteed you have some real success in your life, I mean, it cannot be another way, it has to.

S: And sometimes, and often, we need coaches, we need mentors, we need people who have done it before us, and who can be there for us, and work with us along the path until we can fly. And if you are somebody who needs support, reach out to us, call us, you can find us on our website, and we are more than happy to schedule a conversation with you to see how can help you, how we can be your support system, how we can teach you to walk toward your desired outcomes, and how we can teach you how to walk on your own, and fly, and thrive, and for yourself to go above and beyond what you ever thought possible. Because the truth is everybody can, even if right now you might not believe it, but everybody can, and we can show you how.

G: Absolutely we do. And for your information, our website is gemma-sascha.com. I’m going to put our name here and there, so that you are sure to write them correctly. All right!

S: Have a beautiful day and start doing!

G: Do the do! Okay, have an amazing day.

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