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#8 Dream


(G = Gemma; S = Sascha)

G: Hello guys, how are you today? – Maybe you can say hello too (laughter)

S: Hi, good morning, how are you? Sorry, I’m still struggling with my voice, still getting better from the cold.

G: So, today, we are going to talk about dream in this series “How You Too Can Win An Award”.

What is the importance of the dream that you maintain in your mind, during your awake hours? We are not talking about the dream that you are just making at night that you do not do anything about that except having it. We are talking about the dream that you hold in your mind, the dream that you want to have more of, the dream that you want to live, the dream that you are holding onto, that kind of dream.

And it’s so important, because it’s something that you are looking forward to, it’s something that is inhabiting you, it’s something that lives inside of you, and it’s something that makes you hope, love, live, laugh, everything. So, it’s so important that you have a dream, because that makes you alive.

S: A dream is a passion. It’s the engine. It’s your engine that moves you forward. And a dream is not something that you think of so-so, sometimes, a little bit. It’s something that takes you over completely, it’s something that you can’t stop thinking about, it’s something that you can feel, see, think of all day long, all the time, no matter what the feedback of your environment is, or of people. And, in fact, if you have a dream, I would suggest that either you keep it for yourself, so that you don’t open yourself up to the limited minds, limited visions, limited thoughts and limited beliefs of other people, well-meaning people, but still, they do not believe in your dreams, they tell you it’s impossible. And/or that you just simply remove yourself from those people, and that you look to surround yourself with people who do indeed believe in your dream, and know it is possible.

And, just know that, that dream, it needs to be complete. That means that you need to see it, feel it, know it, and it’s there all the time. If you do it so-so, it’s not a dream, this is wishful thinking. Wishful thinking is not dreaming. Dreaming is the one thing that gets you up in the morning, and that you know you are doing it, and what you’re going toward to, what’s your goal, from that derives your mission, from that derive your values as well often. And so, it’s everything. It’s absolutely everything, and it doesn’t matter if your dream seems unbelievable to others or if there is naysayers or negative people, or even people who just criticize because they couldn’t achieve for themselves their own dreams, or they would like you to be different. It’s not about them. That’s why either you keep your dreams secret, or you remove yourself from those people, and you surround yourself with those who believe in you.

A dream also is a driving force, it’s the life force that keeps you going when the feedback in your environment is maybe not great. It’s also the one thing that infuses life into you, and can remove anxiety, sadness and even some form of light depression from your life. I’m not talking about the kind of clinical depression where you need help from medical doctors, or deeper depression when you need to see specialists, but those days when you are unwell and you’re spiraling down. Well, if you remember your dream, and you remember why you are doing it, and you remember why you are actually living, and why you are going forward. What is your mission, what’s your goal, and what you want to achieve, and what you want to have in your life. Well, then, you are going to inevitably spiral upward again.

So, I would suggest find your dream inside of you again. Remember the dream that you had as a kid, that was forgotten because you grew up, became an adult, and society told you what was possible and not possible. Remember those dreams, attach yourself to those again, and don’t worry so much about how they will come about, because the universe has ways you don’t know anything about, but just know they are here. Feel them, know them, believe in them, act upon them, do whatever is humanely possible for you, that you can do right now, right here, to go get them, to have your dreams fulfilled, and the rest will somehow follow and come together. And also, don’t get attached to time, because you don’t know how much time it’s going to take, and don’t get discouraged by time. You know, some people get their dreams realized in the same day, for other people, it takes 40 years, but just stick with them, go with them, believe in them, because they are possible. Nothing is impossible. In fact, remember that impossible stands for I’m possible. So, everything is possible, but most often, we get discouraged by “it takes so much time” or “it hasn’t happened” or “it has happened for my neighbor, why is it not happening for me”. Remove yourself from all these negative thoughts, and just keep believing in them, get up, and just know it comes. And it’s already here in fact; but for that it has to take you over completely. You have to feel it, know it, believe it, see it, even if nobody else can see it, know it, believe it, you do, and it will happen. The impossible can happen.

G: Exactly. And, actually, when you have this dream, you are living in two different dimensions at the same time. It’s really, you have the part that you are living on your day-to-day that can be nice or not nice, and there is this other part that lives with you, in your mind’s eye, that you superpose, on your current reality, that makes your dream come true.

S: You know, I want to give you a specific example. That I’ve seen in my own life. I was born with a disability that should have left me in a wheelchair, mentally challenged, and dead by the age of 7. You can read my bio, you can see that none of this happened, that I have done everything that the medical community told me cannot be done. My dream was obviously to live, at the beginning of my life, and it still is, but I mean, and that, actually, was what made the impossible come true. I’m walking, I went to the best schools, I did everything the medical community told me could not be done. But for that, I had to remove the medical community in that case the most possible, because their message would have never changed, and they couldn’t help me in any ways. So, I’m not saying remove your doctors. I’m saying go to your doctor if you need to see him, they’re doing good work for many of them. But I’m saying that this is exactly, as an example, what I had to do: believe in my dream that nobody could see. Because in their textbook, it doesn’t exist. My case today is, 41 years old, I did everything that they told me cannot be done, so I just had to believe in my own story, and my story somehow came about, and it happened. So you just have to go through the steps, and know that impossible doesn’t exist. Everything is possible, and the universe can find the most creative and the most amazing and unexpected ways to bring it to you, to make it happen IF YOU BELIEVE IT, if you see it, if you know it, and you go for it and you do everything that you can possibly do, already in your actions, in your thoughts, in your feelings, right here right now, give you everything you can to create it and to realize it.

G: That’s true, because all that you are dreaming, you are actually living it in another dimension. That means that you are creating your dream every day a little bit more. This is why we are all so fond of those famous dreams that are taught when you are really in personal development classes. When you dream, you grow. When you stop dreaming, you die.

S: However, you can always go back to your dreams and start living again, and growing, and thriving.

G: Exactly, and this is the beauty of it.

S: And it doesn’t matter how old you are, where you are at, in what state you are physically, if you are small, tall, whatever, all of that doesn’t matter. The universe does not care about any of that. It cares about responding to you. So BE your dream, and the universe will respond.

G: Thank you for watching, we really wish you an amazing day, full of dreams, and dream big, bigger than you can ever imagine possible because you are growing with it.

S: And much love to all of you for Valentine’s Day, and know that we all love you and appreciate you very much, and have a happy happy day, and remember, live your dream, be your dream, see your dream, feel your dream.

G: Absolutely. Thank you guys, bye bye.

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