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#12 Focus: Be focused on one goal


(G=Gemma; S=Sascha)

G: Good morning guys, how are you today? We are very happy to be with you and to share with you in “How You Too Can Win An Award” series “focus”. The word of the day today is focus.

S: Good morning guys, I’m happy to be with you again, today. Happy to be with you (looking at his wife)

Focus is important if you want to achieve an award if you want to receive an award if you want to achieve any goal. Focus is using all your energy onto the achievement of your goal and to the long-term vision.

So, how did focus serve you in your life? And what is it for you?

G: To me, it has long been a struggle, honestly. And, I long – when I say long, I mean years. For years, I tried to be focused. There are two measures here. On one part, I felt that I could be more focused. On the other part, I was totally dedicated and disciplined at whatever I was doing. So, I would say, the most important part of focus is to stay on track, is to keep your eyes on the goal, is to stay consistent with your desired outcome. Definitely.

How did focus help you?

S: Well, focus concentrates the energy onto one thing. It’s like sun rays: the sun warms everything, but if you focus the sun with a magnifying glass, it burns things. So, think about focus as a magnifying glass. It magnifies your goals, your desires, and your outcome. If you are a little bit everywhere, like in the example of the sun, you might achieve some things, and might not, because I mean the sun shines everywhere but some regions of the world, depending on the season, are cold. So, it’s important for you to think about focus as your magnifying glass through which everything shines. Your intention shines, the energy shines, your desire shines, and so, you will see that it exponentially grows, and the “it” there is your outcome, the destination, it’s what you want; and the more you’re focused in your mind’s eye, seeing it, feeling it in your emotions, and then, while you’re working at it, to put all your energy into what you’re working on because of the why, because of what you are doing it for, then you will see miracles happen. That’s what I found in my life. Yes, and it may not happen overnight. It may but it may not happen overnight, but it will shorten the period between the point you are at now, and the point where you have your goals realized and your destination realized.

G: Yes, I totally agree. It’s exactly that. So, if you want to remember one thing today, is that focus is being fully and obsessively committed to untold success. It’s again an acronym. F as fully, O as obsessively, C as committed, Un as untold and S as success. If you are fully and obsessively committed to untold success in your life, professionally and personally, this is when you are really focused, and this is when you achieve absolutely great things. And, when you achieve great things for others, you receive an award. It happens to many people, but really the people who stand out, people who are focused. You can pick all the words that we have talked about already and that we are still going to talk about and put that into a big basket because these are all the qualities that people who win an award have cultivated in their lives.

S: Obviously, among all those qualities, there are winning combinations of those traits that you need to know how to put together, you know like the perfect combination in the right order, and that we teach you in our mentoring sessions when you work one-on-one with us, to use the right combination to open the safe, you know, safe-deposit box. You may know the numbers and knowing the numbers is great, but you have infinite possibilities of putting these numbers together, so you need to know exactly how to put those things together.

And so, I would just want to add the ingredient of fun to focus and fun stands for frequencies unified now, then you will have exponential success. Because, when you have fun at doing something, and you are focused – (to his wife) which you have so beautifully said in an acronym – then exponential beautiful things must happen, and that’s just the nature of the universe.

Now you may tell yourself “I don’t have fun at my job” “I hate my job” “I don’t want to do this.” So, you have two options, we usually like to say: “What are you going to do about it?” Well, option 1, if you can’t leave your job, you turn your activities in a way that it sounds fun so that it is fun for you. You make arrangements, you change it a little bit, you vary it a little bit, so that you still are at your activities, but they are now fun. You can always shift it up a little bit, you know, or change it, or shift it around. You mean like cooking, you can change an ingredient and still come up with the same outcome but suddenly it becomes something different and it can become fun. Maybe you’ve been in it for too long, you’ve been doing the same old thing for too long, and so you have to switch it up a little bit, and still be committed to your job, be focused on it, but switch it up.

The option 2 is you change. And you ask yourself “what is something that I’m really good at” and then apply that because that’s going to be fun, and market that through the attraction marketing that Gemma is a specialist in and can teach you if you reach out to her, she will teach you that one on one. Because there is something called attraction marketing where qualified leads come to you instead of you chasing them or you just going to fish in any pond not knowing if the right fish is in there. The fish are – so to speak – coming up out of the water to come into your basket because they know that they want you, and that’s called attraction marketing and Gemma is good at it. She is a specialist in that and she specialized in self-mastery. So, she will be able to tell you and to show you how you can attract those clients that are made for you and have applied the self-mastery that you need to achieve that goal.

So 2 options again, option A, switch your job a little bit around, make it fun, and if you can leave, think about what is it you’re good at, what would be fun for you and apply that, and then use attraction marketing to be successful at it, and all the other tools and combinations that we teach during our private mentoring sessions.

So again, focus and fun will lead to exponential success.

G: That’s amazing, yes. It’s super well said. Because it’s so true in every sense of the word. We are very happy to share this amazing value with you. We really intend you to get lots of value from it and to really grow into understanding and applying those principles in your life.

S: And you know, a final word from me. Don’t be desperate, because so often you ask yourself “how am I going to find the right people” and “who am I”. Well, listen to our video series about “How You Too Can Win An Award”; reach out privately so that we can talk about mentoring sessions and how to individualize and focus on you, your mentoring, and get you where you want to go. And the other thing is you don’t have to go out to find the right people. Have the right people find you! How good is that?

G: Yes!

S: The answer to the question “How am I going to find the right people”, well you have the right people to find you if you know how. And there I would strongly urge you to reach out to Gemma. She has helped so many people achieve that goal, to have the right people to come to you, to her, and to line up assignments, jobs, interviews, whatever it is in your area. For us it’s a ton of interviews, it’s a ton of participation in summits, and so, all of this to tell you to apply in the right order what we teach you, which we talked about a little bit in our videos. There are so many other tools that we are going to teach you in our private sessions. And then applying this with self-mastery to attraction marketing.

G: That’s perfect, yes.

S: You have something else to add?

G: And, I want to tell you who is watching that. If you feel that you want to participate and to be interviewed in our video series, reach out so that we can talk, and exchange, and see how we are a fit, and if there is something to do here because we would love to hear your story, to hear what you have accomplished and achieved and what you want to share with the world.

S: You know, for us, our mission is to elevate the greatest number of people to step into the energy of success. If you like what you heard in this video or any other video, please comment, leave your feedback, and share it with your friends, family members, colleagues and whoever you may know, so that they too can benefit from the content. And we look forward to seeing you tomorrow.

So, you be blessed, infinitely loved, we appreciate you, you’re important, you’re valuable, you matter, and we love you.

G: Absolutely. Thank you very much for watching.

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