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#11 Forgiveness


(G=Gemma; S=Sascha)

G: Good morning guys, how are you today?

S: Good morning!

G: Today we are going to talk about forgiveness in our "How You Too Can Win An Award" series.

What about forgiveness?

Do you want to introduce the subject today?

S: Yes! You know, often, in our mentoring sessions, where we help people go above and beyond what they ever thought possible, by freeing them from lack, limitations, and roadblocks, the question is asked: "why should I forgive for?"

Well, think about this. Yes, you have been wronged; yes, you have been stepped over; I'm not arguing that; yes, it is wrong. But, when you ask "why should I forgive for?" it's really because you want to free yourself from resentment. Think about this "for" you are doing it "for" you to free yourself from resentment. Because resentment is one of the biggest roadblocks toward success, and toward achieving all that you want to do. It's like a clogged drain, and the energy can't just go through it and bring you what you want, so you have to free yourself from resentment.

And when we talk about forgiveness, I think about the word for-give. You know “forgive” if you forgive someone, or if you forgive a situation, or you forgive your lack of money, or whatever it is that you are actually having a resentment against, then, you are actually doing it for you because you give yourself anything that you would need to be free. Because, actually, that is what is really important.

So, what about you?

G: Yes, “forgive”, think about “give forward” “give more” “keep on giving even when what you have received was painful or hurtful”. When you forgive, you free yourself. When you forgive, you allow amazing things to happen in your life, you allow greatness to meet you, and you allow other people to have other experiences with you!

Because when you do not forgive, let’s imagine a situation. Someone really wronged you. Let’s say, you are a woman, and the man with whom you have been living for 5 years really wronged you and you really feel bad about men.

Are you going to keep your resentment and stop any other man from entering your life, because this specific man wronged you?

Actually, I know some people who do.

S: And you know this is why when I think about the word “forgive” I think about the three first letters F-O-R = Free Open Receptive and Giving. If you free yourself from resentment, you’re actually making yourself free, open, receptive and giving, all the qualities that you need to receive from the universe what it is you asked for, if you are also open to remove the other roadblocks, lack, and limitations that you have.

If you choose to work with people who’ve already done it before you, in big ways, and who have overcome things that others can only dream of and are successful over them, then you can always reach out to us on our website and on our social media. And we’ll be happy to schedule a call and to work with you to see if you can enter one of our programs if you are a good fit.

So really think about this: Free Open Receptive and Giving.

Then, you ask: “What is going to happen to the other person who wronged me?”

You know, I think I’m a big believer in what’s called karma or life giving you back what you sow, so, don’t worry, the other person, whether they cheated you, whether they’ve done things from an egoistic point of view, whether they’ve been trying to manipulate you into doing something, well, let them be, because their behavior will eventually get back to them, not immediately, because you don’t know, time doesn’t exist, so you don’t know when, but it’s not up to you to seek revenge. It’s up to you to come from a place of love, to free yourself from any resentment, for you to be free, open and receptive, and return to a giving mentality, because that is the key.

G: Yes absolutely!

S: Do you have anything to add?

G: Forgiveness is the third of the core principles in Sascha’s book that you can get on Amazon. I’m going to give you all the links and everything. I already did that the two days before, and it’s really important for you to understand and to live it fully.

S: So, I’m curious. As you are victorious over 15 years of domestic abuse, beaten, put down, and raped, how has forgiveness played a role in your life to achieve your greatest successes which is amongst one of them winning an award, but so many more. How has that played a key role in your life?

G: Actually, that’s a good question. I remember 2 years after having escaped, 2 years of transformation work and healing work already. Then I got an epiphany, and I just thought “Woo, actually, I’m grateful to have lived through so much hardship, through domestic violence, because…

S: which does not make the action of your ex-husbands right or legal in any way because they are terrible.

G: absolutely they are, worse than that. But why am I grateful for? Because I understand what victims go through and why they stay stuck in their lives. I understand from the inside. I know what it means. I know because I have stayed stuck in that situation for so long. And, after escaping that, releasing it, suddenly, gratefulness came into my heart.

S: So, what I’m hearing is that forgiveness has allowed you to set yourself free, to let go of that resentment that was toxic for your life, and that was holding you back, and from the moment you forgave, you were able to launch yourself into the stratosphere and into the space of success and achieve all that you want, like a Rocketship.

G: 100% yes! Very well said, thank you.

S: Because you made yourself free, open, receptive and giving again instead of being closed and resentful and being angry. You were able to release that.

G: yes; how good is that?

I really wish you to experience the same. And actually, it is a choice to release and let go, meaning to forgive.

S: So, about choice, you can watch the video we made yesterday. We will paste the link to it in the comments for you to look at it again, because indeed, it is a choice. You can make the choice to swallow the poison that other people injected in you through resentment, hate, and all these other negative ugly words, or you can inject yourself the potion of free, open, receptive, and giving, meaning you free your resentment, and you can launch yourself into space in a beautiful Rocketship which is called “magnificent success” in golden letters on it.

G: How good you did that!

S: Anything to add?

G: I think we’re going to close here for today. Thank you very much for watching, we look forward to talking to you again.

S: Have a beautiful and blessed day.

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