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The Human Ladder of Success

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

Our world has two levels: the inner world, and the outer world. The only true world is our inner world because it is the only thing, we will take with us when we will pass away and return to our true nature which is spiritual before and after every experience.

When we think about that, and we realize that all our earthly achievements, academic achievements, awards, and peer recognitions are just a way to be of value to someone else's inner and outer journey, this is when things start to align in our inner comprehension of what life is all about. By encompassing this reality, we really start loving our life, because we start to getting value from our life in our eyes, and others start to see us with greater value as well!

This inner journey is what we do, at Gemma & Sascha Online Academy, when we state our mission which is to help women – and some good men too – who have been cornered by life and are ready to transform their lives forever for the better, get more money, more love, and more time. Everything starts with our inner journey. Our outer journey is a consequence, a manifestation, of our inner journey, as we keep on seeing the world from within, not from without. We see things from our point of view, from our background, with our stories of the reality, our limitations, our hurdles, our obstacles which can be drastically different from our neighbors’ stories of the reality!

Self-discovery and self-fulfillment are two essential areas of our personalities, as they are the ones that can truly make us happy in the long term. Feeling deeply happy and fulfilled is not gained by winning a battle against some bad enemy or some illness. Feeling happy and fulfilled is about having won against our own immunity to change, having won against our own limitations, hurdles, obstacles, and resistance to change, having won against our own loneliness or solitude that kept us for a long time from daring to sincerely meet with other individuals and share our vulnerabilities with an open heart. Are you ready to embrace some subtle (or not so subtle) changes to feel happier and more fulfilled on the inside and live a better life on the outside?

Transformation is made at the core of our beings, and the outer world will only reflect what is going on in our inner world. As within, so without.

If you are ready to embrace who you truly are, to find out what your unique skills are, to figure out what is your purpose in life, to break down some of your limitations, hurdles, and obstacles, to achieve your greatest potential, join The 60-Days Success Accelerator Framework™ program (FAST™ program).

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